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About us

Our home is a reflection of our aspirations and finer taste of life.Its a place where our heart resides. Building a home is years & years of accumulated dream coming true. No wonder its interior plays a pivotal role in placing our dreams to reality and fans are imperative part of any household.

Magnific Home Appliances is a leading manufacturer and supplier of designer fans in India.We are with 40+ stores across Pan India and expanding more.We are focussed on making customer happy by consistently providing smart solution through innovation,world class products in terms of quality,knowledgeable and customer oriented distribution network,highly responsive after-sales services and engaged work force.At Magnific we believe that exquisite blend of technology and beauty with prioritising quality,after-sales service, fan effeciency is the foremost essentials.

Our prior experience of 20 years in selling electrical goods has given us the maximum exposure in understanding the consumers requirements, their expectation, the fall outs & the mandatory technical aspects in terms of durability & safety.The cumulative experience & exposure with our years of earned goodwill,has enabled us to bring together the superior quality fans that sets benchmark for quality, technology, durability and value for money under one roof-MAGNIFIC.

A consumer truly embraces the change through the enlightening experience of exceptional quality products that gives whats it promises and we,at magnific understand this and strive to imbibe this values into everything that we do. Magnific Home Appliances are best in class and have power,performance,comfort,safety and durability to add to their elegance. Magnific Home Appliances catalogue are also available online.You can select from the wide range in designs. Our fans have been one of the top rated ceiling fans in india and been awarded on several occasion by Time Group in 2019 & in 2020 and also been the recipient of the Grand Stand Award by Ace Tech in 2019 & 2021 (watch).


Our Mission

As brand,Magnific is dedicated to assisting consumer by providing solution and simplifying their lives.By switching on happiness, the brand aspires to make positive difference in people's lives both inside and beyond the company. We strive to satisfy customer by delivering world class quality product with efficient and highly after sales services & engaged workforce.


Our Vision

To be a Leader & prominent manufacture & suppler of Designer fans across Pan India now & in years to come .This dedications to be generations of work together and to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by continuously developing quality fans and providing value to our customer.


Our Values

We always aim to achieve benchmark in quality and follow the best practises. We are most responsive to changing modern lifestyle and consumer needs. we have shown a strong will to succeed and strong commitment to excellence by relentlessly improving ourself,our teams,our services, our products to become the best in Industry. We remain committed to our customer,architects,interior,franchisee & dealers in an ethical,sincere and transparent manner.

Our journey

A journey that has been long but beautiful.It was something spontaneous that we evolved.To make it simpler,we upgraded ourselves from regular fans to designer fans with the passage of time.

It was one lazy evening 2015, I with Mr.Jitendra on the coffee table, had a long talk,a conversation that was with hopes,a desperate urge to move away from the monotonous existing business of selling regular fans, that we were doing at that very time..To make the background more precise, The gentleman behind the brand Magnific, started selling regular fan at the age of 16 years and today,after 27 years we are still selling Fan.Its a business drawn by passion and our competition lies within us, to excel & be better each year.Be evolved and quality driven.

The outcome of that lazy evening was dynamic,we were looking out to start a new venture and thinking what we could start with,to this Mr Jitendra replied immediately "I know nothing than fanning" and that was the kick- why not we simply stick to fan but Upgrade it and slowly with a year research came the existence of Magnific designer fan.

Fans are an imperative part of any household & to begin, a house is reflections of yourself,a place where heart resides & weaves many beautiful,exquisite stories.To add up to this, the ongoing trends of decorating ceiling plays the pivotal role to the needs of designer ceiling fans for every home and Magnific Home Appliances is one stop solutions.

Myself with Mr.Jitendra Kumar (the founder) welcomes you to the world of Magnific designer fanning.We appreciate all the customers,architects,interior,our franchisee,dealers for being an imperative part of us in this journey and look forward to walking together as always.

See what our customers have to say

  • For me it was truly destiny that made me step into your showroom for my requirements of fans for my Twin apartments at Cunningham Road. Believe me it was like love at first sight towards the fans.

    Saugat Sarkar

    Finance Head, TCS