Angle Plus – 15 Ltrs


Angel plus is a dependable metal-bodied water geyser has a large 15-liter capacity for both heating and storing water. This implies that within a few minutes of turning on the geyser, you can immediately get 15 litres of hot water. The body is designed to keep the water warm and secure until you need it. With built-in auto cut-off characteristics, the dependable and secure water geysers ensure that no matter what fluctuation or power instability you have at home.

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Model No. MWH-105
Installation Vertical
Rated Power (W) 2000
Rated Voltage (ACV) 230
Rated Pressure(Mpa) 0.8
Temperature Range, C 30-75
Water Proof Class IPX4
Inner Tank Element New Titanium Enamel Tank & Element
Warranty 7 Years
Over Heat Protection Yes
Remote control Yes