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Sleek, Classy, and Unique Magnific Home Appliances for Your Home

Modern Wooden Fans

Even if you are entirely design-minded, you just want to beat the heat when the temperature approaches to hit higher digits! Good ceiling fans are a refreshing addition to any space, especially your living room- as the go-to retreat for your family. With the right set of lighting fixtures and cosy furniture, designer ceiling fans can create a comfortable environment and add a stylish touch to your home.

If you are looking to add an enticing, unique touch to your dream house, settle for the best ceiling fans with lights with the top-rated ceiling fans in India. It is essential to pick a designer fan that shares the essence of your legacy that embeds your dream house!

Here is a complete guide for you to understand the need and essentiality of the best designer fans in India. Check here yourself with different designers to select the unique fans for an embracing look to your home.

Designer Ceiling Fans for Smart Living

Being in a tropical country, beating the heat in summers is a necessity. What if the cooling ceiling fans also add an element of elegance to your interiors? Indeed, what can you ask for more? Punching the poised, sleek, and sophisticated design of top-rated ceiling fans with ultimate cooling capacity, Magnific Designer Fans offers you the best deals on designer fans at an affordable price.

Your space decides the fan appropriate for the fixture; right from the style, it reflects the finishes. Magnific Designer fans have an extensive range of top-rated fans in India. Whether the fan includes light, the type of blades, be sure to understand the square footage of your space to install the best ceiling fans that suits your house interiors for a comfortable aura to reside!

Getting the Dimensions Right from the Origin to Our Necessity

Exceedingly modelled as a momentum source, ceiling fans in India trace their origin, from 1973, by Greaves Cotton in India. Contextually, being one of the primary cooling devices for Indian households, more than 400+ million ceiling fans are running for at least an average of 12 hours daily in India. Indeed, there has to be a history for such transforming electric technology!

An era that started in 4000 BC with palm leaves is now surmounting the ceilings with designer fans in India. Mark the all-new, trendy, and ultimate designer fans with Magnific ceiling fans in this new era for maximum energy efficiency.

Today's Interior's require Best Contemporary Designer Fans: WHY?

Designer fans are now a necessity for the perfectly designed interiors to set it unique and elegant. Right from ensuring efficient air circulation to matching the dots of your electric appliances to unify a calming look, good ceiling fans are a must!

Here are the reasons why designer fans are a necessity for your home.

Summers call out for a wind-chill effect, right? Designer fans offer an eye-catchy finish with remote control feature to resonate well with your home decors. Indeed, a soothing and poised aura is a necessity for today's fast lifestyle.

Indian homes need a fan with a dynamically high amount of airflow. Magnific designer fans have aerodynamically designed blades with lustring metallic shades for a high amount of airflow.

With a light design and considerable output, our ceiling fans ensure your interiors are well-integrated with the modern top-rated ceiling fans in India. Adequate lighting may be a problem in Indian homes. All the lights and the tube lights are not sufficient for enough light on the opposite wall.

Designer fans have the distinct advantage of being ideally positioned in the centre of your room. With an advanced in-house research and an innovation mindset, Magnific Ceiling Fans offers the best ceiling fan with lights.

Exclusivity of Designer Ceiling Fans Over Regular Fans

Undoubtedly, designer fans offer a plethora of design ideas for your perfect living rooms. We understand that the electrical outlet in your house is critical and our designer fans need no extra electrical fixtures. When it comes to your well-laid interior design, wall light fittings and tube lights restrict the scope of décor for your home. The designer fans can be the ultimate functional design element.